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Ordering Schedule:

Please note that all wholesale orders placed after November 22nd, 2023, will not be processed/shipped until Jan 2024 and the orders will be shipped in the order of receipt.

All orders will be charged at the time of purchase.

We appreciate your patience, understanding and business.

Wholesale Dog Bakery Treats

Wholesale Gourmet Dog Treats

DOG Bakery Online

The Dog Bakery by Pets Naturally offers over 20 different flavors of healthy treats such as Apple Jacks made with delicious apples and cinnamon, Thin Mints made with mint, parsley and carob (they help with bad breath) and Whitefish and Sweet Potato treats.

Are you interested in selling our treats in your store? To learn more about our Wholesale Dog Bakery by Pets Naturally, please visit the About Us page and FAQ page for additional information. We thank you for your interest in selling Dog Bakery by Pets Naturally treats in your store!.