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    1. How long do the treats last?
      With proper storage and handling our treats have a shelf life of at least 8-10 weeks.

    2. How should I store the treats?
      Each shipment includes storage & shipping instructions. Always store our treats in a cool dry place. Do not refrigerate. We recommend storing them in the original packaging until you are ready to place them for sale.

    3. Why are there minimum quantities?
      We require minimum purchase amounts so that we can offer you the very best prices and still allow us to make a small profit. This is accomplished through maximum efficiency. Years of experience has allowed us to determine the optimum production efficiency for our handmade, hand decorated treats. There are no machines – only people.

    4. Why is there a 7 day lead time?
      We make every order fresh. Our products are not sitting on a shelf waiting for you to order them. When you place an order we get to work. This ensures that you get the very best dog treats on the market! We hand cut each treat, bake them, dry them, decorate them, package them and finally ship them. This takes time – but it’s worth it!

    5. How far ahead should I order for my store?
      Plan ahead. Take Christmas for instance – ordering by the end of October would give you plenty of time to receive the treats and get them out in your store for sale. Non-seasonal treat ordering is up to you and your customers. Because of our long shelf life and our low minimum amounts - reordering is easy!

    6. How do I price the treats?
      A basic rule of thumb is twice the purchase price. But many of our customers get creative and will price them in multiples (2 for $1) or by the pound. You know your customers best – get creative!

    7. What are your most popular treats?
      That’s a good question! Our decorated seasonal treats are always a hit but honestly it depends on your store. Do you have a bakery case? Then our individual decorated treats are all the rage. Are you a feed store? Then our bulk treats should do well for you. Choose the treats that will make the most sense in your displays. We have something for everyone.

    8. Are Seasonal/Holiday treats available year round?
      Yes. If you see them online then they are available!

    9. What is the best way to ship?
      We use FedEx Ground and they do a nice job.
    10. Should I expect breakage?
      Some breakage is unavoidable. To offset that we send an additional ¼ pound of treats with every batch of Classic Treats at no charge. Plus your dogs will love the broken treats!

    11. Can I pick up my order?
      Yes you can.  Simply choose Store Pick Up as your shipping option.   But remember our lead times, they still apply!

    12. Do you ship overseas or to Canada?
      No. Sorry.