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Frequently Asked Questions

We get questions emailed to us about our treats and store and thought they might help answer some of your questions too. If you do have questions for us, feel free to call or email us anytime.

Will your treats melt?

Every summer there are weeks when the heat can be excessive. During those times we (temporarily) recommend that you avoid ordering treats with decorative frostings. Although we take the utmost care in packaging our products, the time spent traveling in hot vehicles can cause our cute decorations to melt. This doesn't happen with every shipment but we cannot guarantee that it won't. We leave the choice to you. If they should arrive melted, the treats will still be perfectly edible and the dogs will surely enjoy them - it's the humans that might be disappointed. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call 231-932-2045.

How long are the dipped/iced treats good for? (When do they expire?)

Our decorated treats should last for 16 weeks. Now, that will depend on how the treats are handled and stored. As you can imagine, any food items with frostings on them can only withstand so much handling before the frosting melts or breaks off. Also, if they are stored in a place that is too warm or too cold they can be effected also. We recommend storing them in their original packaging and kept in a cool dry place. Do not refrigerate. If you do those things, the treats should last until your dog insists that they get eaten!

How long are the undecorated treats good for? (When do they expire?)

Our undecorated treats should last for 9 months. We recommend storing them in their original packaging and kept in a cool dry place. Do not refrigerate. If you do those things, the treats should last until your dog insists that they get eaten!

Can I special order Bulk Treats in different shapes?

Unfortunately bulk treats can not be ordered in different shapes. Each flavor is made in 8lb batches.

Can you order the bulk treats with mixed flavors online?

We cannot mix the flavors of the bulk treats however we do offer the 1lb and 2lb sampler which contains all the flavors of our classic treats in a convenient package.

How long will it take to get my order?

All retail orders we receive Monday through Friday are shipped that day through the United States Postal Service. If your order is received on Friday and it contains iced treats that order will not go out until Monday to avoid your yummy treats sitting in a warehouse over the weekend.

International Orders

Sorry we do not ship internationally at this time

If my order is damaged what should I do?

If your order is damaged please contact us by emailing us at within 72hours. We do ask that you take a picture of the package and the damaged items. Once we verify the damage, a credit for the cost of the products (excluding shipping charges) will be applied to your account. This credit will be processed within 7 business days. Please note, shipping costs are not refundable, and the reimbursement will only cover the products themselves.

Am I eligible for a wholesale account?

You maybe eligible for a wholesale account if you have a retail store. If you are interested and want to find out if you qualify please go to Wholesale and fill out the wholesale application. You must provide a resell certificate and a tax exempt certificate.

What is your return policy?

We do not accept any returns however if there is a problem or issue please feel free to contact us at or at 231-932-2045.

Wholesale Club

Are you interested in selling our treats in your store? click here to access our wholesale website. On this site, you will find our wholesale application, our terms and conditions for selling our treats and answers to questions frequently asked by our customers. You can also submit an online wholesale application by clicking

Wholesale Online Application