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Ingredients - Healthy, Natural Dog Treats

We want every dog to be happy and healthy and that is why we use real and wholesome ingredients in all our small batches of handmade treats. All ingredients are human grade and you will not find any artificial preservatives in our cookies. That is why we use ingredient local ingredients when available and fresh ingredients from the USA. You will not find any corn or soy in our biscuits.


We use local ingredients from Traverse City, Michigan whenever we can. We believe it is important to support our local community as well as using the freshest ingredients. The whitefish for our whitefish and sweet potato treats and fish and chips is caught responsibly from the beautiful Great Lakes. we use local Michigan made honey, local Michigan Cherries and also use local free range farm fresh eggs in our treat recipes.


We use only human grade whole wheat flour, rice, spelt, garbanzo, and oat flour in all our recipes. If your dog is sensitive try our spelt flour, rice, or garbanzo bean flour treats.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are not only important in our diets but are very important for our pet's too. In several of our recipes we use fresh vegetables such as kale, broccoli, carrots, apples, blueberries, and local Michigan cherries to provide needed nutrients and antioxidants.

Food Allergy Notice.

Please be advised that food prepared in this facility are made on shared equipment that also processes peanuts and peanut oil

Wholesale Club

Are you interested in selling our treats in your store? click here to access our wholesale website. On this site, you will find our wholesale application, our terms and conditions for selling our treats and answers to questions frequently asked by our customers. You can also submit an online wholesale application by clicking

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